StreetFest Music 2018

Check out this year’s exciting music lineup!!!

Jeske Park

Indie Rock

Friday, 5:00-7:00pm

The secret may be out on this talented group of young, multi-instrumental musicians in their mid- teens, as the St. Louis-based indie rock band Jeske Park has been busy building a quiet buzz in the local music scene over the past several years. And that quiet may not last long. Born in the fall of 2011 as a grade school talent show project between drummer Aaron Fisher and guitarist Ariela Chavez (both then just 12 years old), later adding younger brother and bassist Ben Fisher, and fellow classmates Indigo Hudson on keys and Mark Enslin on lead guitar and vocals, the group of five lifelong friends have grown enormously since the early days of lively basement jam sessions and raucous party gigs to evolve into an exciting, high-energy ensemble fast becoming known for a solid and entertaining stage show.  Taking their name from the park where they would often hangout and play music together, the group of teens cut their teeth as a cover band, mastering their favorite rock tunes from the ‘90’s, and honing their skills by playing out as often as possible in an amazingly diverse array of venues. Now with an impressive catalog of their own originals, and drawing from a variety of influences — from punk to grunge to alternative, to more modern pop and rock – Jeske Park recently completed their debut EP entitled “Reality”, a collection of original material they have been playing live since the beginning, mixed with several new and innovative surprises. The songs on this initial offering have been described as “fresh and familiar at the same time, laced with smooth and sophisticated melodies”, helping to create the unique edge that defines the band’s emblematic neo-70’s electronic rock sound.

Dirty Muggs

Dance Rock

Friday, 8:00-11:00pm

Welcome to the Dirty Muggs complete entertainment experience. Dirty Muggs is a high energy, choreographic machine that provides everything you have always wanted in a band. A diverse and eclectic music set list that calls you to get on the dance floor, tap your toe, or shake something. Dirty Muggs is the creative outlet formed by a skilled set of musicians/entertainers who have World Class and Hall of Fame Experience.

Lead Guitarist and band founder, Gary “Dee Dee” James of St. Louis, Missouri began his professional music career with a group of child hood friends including Edgar Hinton (bass guitarist Dirty Muggs) that ultimately landed a deal with Capital Records. The group had Top 40 Hits under the name Da’Krash and Kool Skool and was produced by legendary songwriter, Jesse Johnson of “The Time”. After the group split the members went on to pursue other musical interests. Dee Dee took his guitar chops on the road. His tours included concerts at worldwide venues playing for millions with the likes of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Bootsy Collins and George Clinton in addition to tours with Color Me Bad and Paula Abdul…Years of combined experience on stage both touring and with St. Louis’ popular cover bands inspired him to create his own version of a total entertainment experience bringing to life Dirty Muggs.

Bass Guitarist Edgar Hinton “Boni”, of St. Louis enjoyed a successful run with the world famous group Outkast and Goodie Mob. He landed in Europe where he remained in the music scene for the next ten years playing throughout Germany and the islands off the cost of Spain. When he decided to bring the Euro-flavor back home fate stepped in. The timing of his return was perfectly synchronized with Dee Dee’s new musical venture. The childhood friends maintain the same vigor and passion in their performance as when they started their career. That musical chemistry is the secret to the rhythm you feel at the show every night.

Lead Vocal features the talented silky smooth tones of Justin Clay. The junior of the group, Justin started his singing career at an early age of 10 by being part of the popular local group, Teen 11. He has appeared on stage with a variety of local groups, gospel ensembles and performing his original music produced largely by Dee Dee James. Justin’s vocals are so distinct that you only have to hear him once and you will never forget him.
On tubbs, “The Son Star Child”, Dirty Lynt… A man amongst boys.

In all the remaining cast of Dirty Muggs brings star power that is sure to capture the hearts of new fans wherever they play. The choreography that is included with each show takes one back to the real music era that would have featured the likes of the Jackson 5 and Earth wind and Fire. Welcome to the “now” era. Having played in casinos and Four Star hotels along with a variety of private events that include St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles, Dirty Muggs has something for everyone. The next step for you is to become part of the masses that have found getting Dirty with Dirty Muggs an experience that just can’t be washed away in one night.

The Domino Effect

Alternative Hip Hop

Saturday, 3:00-4:00pm

Alternative hip hop duo from St. Louis, MO. Currently aspiring to inspire. Wake your minds up!

Dance Floor Riot

Dance Covers

Saturday, 4:00-7:00pm

DFR was founded in early 2009 while at a local watering hole. Mike, Brandon, Dan and Joe noticed that throughout the music scene there were several cover bands that all seemed to have similar playlists… classic rock.

Sure, there were a few bands that had a gimmick of hair metal, 80’s music, and even the rock bands tossed a few current hits in their repertoire from time to time, but the one thing that was consistent is that when the band took a break and the DJ took over, the masses consumed the dance floor. The idea was brought up to start a band that simply played everything the DJ played, “club music” per say, and that maybe the crowd would dance to us, and take a rest when at the same time that the band did.

Mike and Brandon have been singing together since Jr. High so they thought having 2 lead singers would make for a slight gimmick and that between the two of them, they could cover almost anything. Mike and Dan are cousins, and Dan had been playing bass in the original music scene throughout St. Louis for quite some time, so the decision to use him came easy. Joe was asked originally to play drums (because he had a background as a drumline instructor) but he declined and offered his services as pianist instead.

All they needed was a guitar player and a drummer, so they went to the next logical place to find one… Craigslist. They posted one ad for a drummer, got one response. This lead to an audition, and the quick decision to add Seth as the drummer. Since no guitarists answered the Craigslist ad, the band then turned to the next obvious place to find a guitarist… MySpace. Again… one post, one reply, one audition. With the addition of Brandon M, the band was complete.

(The original band name was “Ten Dollar Mic” which was loosely named after what we were practicing with. The name “Dance Floor Riot” was created after a few shows, and was not only 100% suitable to what/how we played, but was catchy as well.)

A year or so in, Brandon M had started traveling more and decided to take a position with a company based in NY which makes, and sells musical instruments and accessories. We were now faced with the need to fill the guitarist void once again.

Seth brought in a very quiet and humble friend of his named Eddie to audition, and we immediately fell in love with his blues-style take on our song list and added him to the band. We started playing out more and more, gaining more and more fans, playing bigger venues, booking weddings, etc.

The rest is not history, because our history is still being written!


Classic Rock

Saturday, 8:00-11:00pm


The word invokes the glory of a bygone era.
A time when the Rock was so immense only stadiums could contain it.
A time when a bad seat meant you probably weren’t going to see anything at the show except a cheap beer and some shirtless girls.
And that was fine.

The name of a mighty quintet of St. Louis rockers…nay…dreamers, who dare to dream that they can bring back those heady days of yesteryear. Bring back screaming guitars and killer rock poses! Bring back racks of keyboards and questionable fashions! Bring back ear splitting vocals and soul crushing bass! Bring back senseless drum solos! Bring back lava lamps and black light posters!

SUPERJAM! A blinding beacon of light in a dark world of oppressive monotony…

Featuring spectacular re-creations by artists such as:
Boston, STYX, Journey, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hagar, Billy Squier, Queen, Santana, Loverboy, Bad Company, The Who, Toto, Supertramp, Manfred Mann, April Wine, Shooting Star, .38 Special, Kansas, Eddie Money, Night Ranger, Steve Miller Band, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, Triumph, Cheap Trick, Zebra ……
And many, many more.
Starting to get the picture? We knew you would. Enjoy!

Dave Farver –Lead vocals, sax
Jeff Gallo- Bass, Vocals
Eric Lysaght- Lead Guitar
James Wolfe- Keys, Guitar, vocals
Lee Skyles- Drums